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Weight Loss


Weight Loss

We have developed a range of products that will help you loose weight as part of a training and nutritional weight loss program. Our Diet Protein is formulated to help you loose weight.

The best way to loose weight is:

  1. Reduce calorie intake.
  2. Burn more calories.

Eat less:

Reduction of calories intake can be achieved by only eating and drinking less calories. So eat less and eat lower calorie foods.

Do not eat late:

The time of the calorie intake is also important. During the day when you are active you burn more calories than during the night, when you are asleep. So food consumed in the morning is more likely to get burned than food calories consumed just before going to bed. The best remedy: Have a good, big breakfast, have a medium size lunch and a small diner. Do not eat after 7 pm and do not snack in the evening.

Take proteins:

High protein calorie foods can help you loose weight.


Caffeine increases the metabolism and allows you to train harder and longer.

Food rich in food fibers

Food fibers are low in calories, reduce your appetite and they improve your digestive function


Our Diet Protein is a supplement low in sugars, high in proteins, caffeine rich and full of healthy food fibers. It can be used as a high protein source or as a partial meal replacement.