ISO FUEL Isotonic Sports Energy Drink
ISO Fuel Isotonic Sports Energy Drink Tub
(Gold Premium Blend)
ISO FUEL Isotonic Sports Energy Drink
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Iso Fuel
Isotonic Energy & Electrolyte Drink.
Gold Premium Blend

Iso Fuel has been race proven in nearly every major international competition over the last 15 years and has helped to win many world championships and Olympic medals.

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Iso Fuel 4 flavours:
Lemon Lime
Fruit Blast
Apple Mango.

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500g Tub of Iso Fuel
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1KG Tub of Iso Fuel
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2KG Tub of Iso Fuel
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2 x 2kg Tubs of Iso Fuel
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12 x 50g Sachets of Iso Fuel
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Goprotein Shaker or Go-Sports Bottle
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Why take Iso Fuel:
Provides Maximum Energy during training.

Iso Fuel:
has been race proven in nearly every major international competition over the last 15 years and has helped to win many world championships and Olympic medals.

For pre-hydration, drink 250ml prior to exercise. During exercise drink 500ml (delivering 40-50g carbs) per hour to meet the energy (carbohydrates), hydration and electrolyte needs. Drink 500ml after exercise to re-hydrate, restore the glycogen levels and to replenish depleted electrolytes in your body.

............The UK's Number 1 Sports Nutrition Supplier ............

Running on empty' Iso Fuel hydrates & fuels your body

Your body is the most amazing high tech performance machine on the planet ''Iso Fuel will help you get there''

Iso Fuel is a great tasting mixed chain carbohydrate and electrolyte drink that comes in (4) flavours and is helping to :

(1) provide maximum energy during training.

(2) prevent dehydration.

(3) replace electrolytes lost in sweat.

(4) replenish depleted glycogen and electrolytes after training.

Take it and feel the difference when you train.

Serious Fuel For Serious Sport.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Matthew King
    I am a keen cyclist doing 200 miles per week. This is the first energy drink since Be-Well - b.FUEL that sits well in my stomach and does not repeat on me. Good apple mango flavour, my new favourite. (I tried them all). MUST SAY YOUR SERVICE IS VERY GOOD.
  • Author: Darryn Lloyd
    I am a pro golfer and have been using it for a few weeks . It's got a great taste which makes me drink regularly, somethig I failed to do before. Keeps me going all day. Will buy again.............
  • Author: The Wheeler 0-0
    I cycle over 100 + miles every Sunday and have been drinking GoPro Fuel when it first came out. You guys have got it right. Superb' brilliant performance fuel. There are normally about 10 of us that go out every Sunday and we all drink it. Best on the market and so is your GoPro Power. The Wheeler 0-0
  • Author: Richard Crow
    I do a lot of rock climbing and have been buying my food from bewellexpedition. My mate told me to buy this GoPro Fuel. I did' and your Lemon & Lime tastes really good. It really helps me big time.
  • Author: Gary Withington
    It's the same old story, if your training in any sport you need fuel for your muscles. It's like a car, what does it do when there is no petrol in the tank, STOP. Been on the Goprotein fuel for sometime now and it does what it says. Try the apple mango tastes brill. Garry Withington from Wembley.
  • Author: CT
    The Fuel is good, easy on the gut, and tastes good. Not too sweat. Good service (keep it up) .
  • Author: Guy Cole
    Service is first class and the price for a 1kg tub is really cheap . Awesome fuel for cycling . Recommend anytime. $$$$$$
  • Author: Piers Clermont
    I have been reading quite a bit about your GoPro Fuel and must say that I am quite impressed with the scientific dossier that you have got to back up this product/formula. I will be ordering from you today and do hope the service is as good as the posts say. England.
  • Author: Sam Atkinson
    Hey mate, the service is good. Been buying from them now for a few months and have not had any problems. Sam the man ######
  • Author: Ian Cummings
    I play football on a Sat and started drinking goprotein fuel. Must say it helps a lot with my energy levels and just started taken their goprotein Power Whey as it's got creatine and L-Glutamine in it. They both taste good and when I ordered it,it came the next day. Service is first class . Scotland.
  • Author: G.Cornish
    I have just got into sport really because of watching the Olympics and I have just purchased and received a tub of GOPRO FUEL from Goprotein. I am just starting running and been reading about their fuel which looks really good. Got next day delivery. Easy web site to use. G Cornish *Bristol *
  • Author: NMC
    GOPRO FUEL get's my thumbs up, from Norwich *****
  • Author: BIG MAC
    Anyone that trains should try the Fuel and their TRF for recovery ( really good ). I have started to buy in the last few months all my stuff from Goprotein and it comes with great results. They are probably the best on the market without a doubt.If you weight train try their Go Power its something that really works.
  • Author: JP. Watford
    What a fantastic drink. I take it everyday, great formula. Received next day after i placed my order, so it's a very good service from Goprotein.
  • Author: Joe Thomas
    I recommend GoPro Fuel as a buy. Good product.
  • Author: M.H.Garden
    Tried the fuel for the first time yesterday out running and thought it really helped me with my times. Nice drink
  • Author: Sid Norm
    The Fuel is excellent *****
  • Author: Paul.Charm
    Good price, Good Fuel, Good service. I recommend to buy from Goprotein. [ Paul Charm ]
  • Author: H.Ling
    If you train hard you have to put the fuel into your body. Good stuff RECOMMEND BUYING.
  • Author: Aran Stopper {Wales}
    Really nice to drink when running and keeps me going.Great Service.
  • Author: K H
    Goprotein Fuel helps me a lot while training and their GoPro Power is brilliant. Best on the market!!
  • Author: Jane Stock.
    I have been running for about 6 years now to keep fit, and find the fuel helps me a lot. Worth trying.
  • Author: S. Stewart
    GoPro FUEL is fantastic. It does what it says.
  • Author: Rupert A Davies. Cambridge
    Have been rowing now for about 4 years, and I must say, by taking the Fuel it has definately helped me on my way. Nice drink to sip while rowing, and I always finish off with a goprotein strawberry shake. I only started buying from goprotein 5 moths ago and find them the best on the market to-date. Lots of good quality products from them . If you are reading this, try them as you will not be disappointed. Rupert
  • Author: F.Marber
    I fill up my shaker with FUEL every day. It's really good to train with.
  • Author: Craig
    Fuel is worth trying as it works better than all those hyped sports drinks. Service A1
  • Author: T.N
    I take fuel and protein everyday. I recommend fuel.good delivery service.
  • Author: PF.
    GoPro Fuel is really good. I take it every time I go out running. P.Frazer
  • Author: Tony Marrano
    What a differance from drinking this stuff, and it's not loaded with mega suger, like some of that crap out there. Lot's of respect for Goprotein !!!!
  • Author: K,Thomson
    Great quality drink. Well done goprotein and your delivery is very good. Just moved over to them in the last 4-5 months as I now use all their products. Most of the people in my gym buy from them now,as I have spoken to lot's of them where they buy from.
  • Author: E.Blain
    Someone told me that Goprotein fuel was used by lots of athletes, so I tried some. I really like it and feel better when I am working out and drinking it. Their protein tastes the best that I have ever tried. Happy Customer.
  • Author: H.N
    GoPro FUEL and service is spot on. H.Naiper (Essex)
  • Author: Ramsay MacDonald [Glasgow]
    Just ordered GoPro Fuel to try and a free sports bottle. Never tried it before so will let you a know how i get on wee it next week. Mi main hobby is football and running. Fae Glasgow.
  • Author: B.Miller
    Best energy drink I have tried. I feel much better after training with drinking FUEL. Goprotein service is the best. Brian Miller.
  • Author: S Bart. ''LUTON''.
    GoPro Fuel & TRF are very good. Missed out on my last order with a free sports bottle though :-( !!!!
  • Author: G.L goprotein member
    I was just going to order fuel and a bottle. Free bottle (nice one) keep up the freebies goprotein.
  • Author: MGH.
    Must say' if you train in the gym it's really worth trying the fuel.
  • Author: N.N.
    Good stuff
  • Author: HG
    Fuel get's 5 stars from me.
  • Author: Ramsay MacDonald [ Glasgow ]
    I left a MSG last week end as a wiz buying GoPro Fuel for the first time. Got my delivery next day which wiz good. Been drinking it when I went out running and a must say it really help me. I like the Fuel a lot. Will buy mare.Ta for the free sports bottle.
  • Author: John Nicoll from (Oban)
    Got my fuel and free sports bottle, which i am happy with them both. I think Goprotein are the best out there today.
    Service is spot on. John Nicoll (Oban)
  • Author: Goprotein Member' Gordon
    I am delighted that Goprotein have just introduced free shipping, if you spend over £75. Just ordered 2kg of fuel and 2kg of protein. I spend a fortune with them each month, so it's nice to get something back. I think their products are ACE !!!
  • Author: T.S
    Goprotein FUEL does what it say's. BUY
  • Author: Chris
    Thanks for the free bottle. Good stuff !!!
  • Author: Kerry
    I really enjoy drinking fuel when training. Thanks for my GO bottle :-)
  • Author: Mo
    Brilliant Fuel. I really like it.
  • Author: TL.
    WOW - this fuel is something else. I really get a good buzz with it when I'm working out in the gym. It's made me feel a lot better.
  • Author: Mike Gammon
    Just seen their new sachet of FUEL in my gym. They are just perfect for me, as going on holiday this week and just bought a sachet box.It's a winner that you can buy it in a sachet. Well done Goprotein :-)
  • Author: Dave
    I like Goprotein fuel.
  • Author: Amir .
    I used to drink lucozade when I was training but found out it was full of sugar . I have now switched over to gopro fuel and you can tell the difference when you drink it. I train a lot harder when I drink it. Good drink to have when training.
  • Author: Barry Flinn
    been boxing for a few years and been working out on goproteins fuel the last couple of weeks. Really good and recommend.
  • Author: John Milling
    I recommend you buy GoPro FUEL.
  • Author: Steve.
    I have tried a few fuels over a period of a year and since I have been on Goprotein fuel I found my energy went right up as I drank it slowly through my training. It's a big like from me . If you want a good fuel this one ticks all the boxes.
  • Author: Susan Jones
  • Author: Al
    I play a lot of football and most of the lad's in my team drink this stuff. Would recommend to buy Iso fuel any day.
  • Author: H.Clegg
    Buy this as it gets you through hard training and you feel the difference when your on it.
  • Author: Neil Connor (London.)
    I just received my 500g tub of Iso Fuel today from the delivery guy. I ordered it yesterday (Mon) at 3pm and it was with me at 11am (Tues) this morning. Now that's what I call good service on the web !!! It was packed well, and when I tried it, the taste was very good. Very happy to buy more when my tub runs out. Neil Connor.
  • Author: Dave Moore
    Yes' I think Goprotein's service is first class. Oh' and the ISO Fuel is brilliant. I use it all the time when I run.
  • Author: Ben Daily - East Kilbride
    I have been taken SIS fuel for quite some time now and moved over to Goprotein's Iso Fuel. I find it's much better in my stomach and works well for me. I have also heard that Paula Radcliff was using it. So if it is good enough for her
  • Author: T. Sim
    Can't tell you enough how good this ISO fuel is. I also play football every sat. Since I have been on it I can run far longer and faster than I did before. It was the guys i know that told me to try it and I am so happy I did.
    Buy ISO fuel .
  • Author: T. Sim
    Can't tell you enough how good this ISO fuel is. I also play football every sat. Since I have been on it I can run far longer and faster than I did before. It was the guys i know that told me to try it and I am so happy I did.
    Buy ISO fuel .
  • Author: JNG.
    I take it with half a dose of Fuzion. Its a great combination .
  • Author: Brian Barr
    Since I started taken Goprotein products I have really improved my long distance running.Would recommend ISO Fuel over any other product in the market,as it does what it says.
  • Author: SL
    Just started taken Iso Fuel in my class at Bannatynes gym. I have never used it before but I received a sample to try. I must say it really did help me and gave me more energy so I have just ordered a tub.
  • Author: Graham Johnston
    This fuel does it for me.
  • Author: Brian Coutts
  • Author: Gail
    Good all round sports drink.
  • Author: KiKi
    Thanks so much for sending me my Iso Fuel over to Spain. I absolutely love the fuel, works a treat.
    I am training 3hrs a day 6 days a week boxing and just wanted to tell you that your stuff WORKS.
  • Author: Christina Simpson
    Hi there, I have now been taking your iso fuel for about 4-5 months and it has really helped me get through the miles I run each day (20). My gym bud told me it was made for Paula Radcliffe ''wow''
  • Author: James Martin
    I have tried many sports fuel drinks but would highly recommend your ISO Fuel. It really does deliver.
  • Author: Jerry Link
    I have been running for sometime now and found out about your iso fuel through a mate. Really works for me and will be ordering more shortly.
  • Author: JosephInded
    Helps me loads
  • Author: Tisk
    Great and tastes good
  • Author: Jake Morrison
    Really happy with the results as I cycle a lot and it gives me the energy I needed.
  • Author: Wobud75
    service super quick and product is amazing, who would have thought, simple and very effective
  • Author: Gbfbwlfasl
    Super Dooper
  • Author: Mark
    Tried a friends which worked and tasted good. So had to get my own ***
  • Author: Norman
    Must say your iso fuel works :)
  • Author: Geyes42

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Mixed carb complex (Maltodextrin (hydrolysed maize starch), dextrose, fructose), Replenishing electrolyte complex (Sodium chloride, Dipotassium phosphate, Magnesium citrate), citric acid, artifical sweetener (sucralose), natural colour.

Allergen Information: For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

No known Allergens.

Made from a factory that handles gluten.
Suitable for vegetarians

Store in a cool dry place..
( 2 scoops = 50g )
For pre-hydration drink 250ml prior to exercise. During exercise drink 500ml (delivering 40-50g carbs) per hour to meet the energy (carbohydrates), hydration and electrolyte needs. Drink 500ml after exercise to re-hydrate, restore the glycogen levels and to replenish depleted electrolytes.
Iso Fuel mixes well and great tasting. The product sits well in the stomach and does not repeat. It is also available in sachets, but only in our best-selling orange flavour.

ISO FUEL Isotonic Sports Energy Drink Tub


Serious Fuel For Serious Sport.

Over the years our Team created a one-to-one tailored package of nutritional management for a number of the worlds top sports men and women :

Paula Radcliffe (athlete) • James Cracknell (rowing) • Denise Lewis (heptathlete) • Kelly Morgan (javelin) • Sonia O'Sullivan (athlete) • Martin Johnson (England rugby Captain) • Adrian Turner (swimmer) • Eduardo van Vianen (laser sailing) • Kate Allenby (pentathlete) • Sir Ranulph Fiennes (explorer) • Shirley Robertson (single-handed dinghy) • Chantal Daucourt (mountain biker) • Anna Hemmings (kayak) • Marion Clignet (road cycling racer) • Joe Pavey (athlete) • Emily Webley-Smith (tennis) • Julie Hollman (heptathion) • Rosie Swale (runner,adventurer) • John Mayock (athlete) • Charlotte Dale (athlete) • Maria Lynch (athlete) and many more.

Goprotein will only launch a product if we are 100% happy with it. It may take years of research and development to create a product in our laboratory, but you can be assured, it will be the best.  


Isotonic Sports Energy & Electrolyte Drink.


Iso Fuel Sports Energy Drink:

is a carbohydrate and electrolyte drink that delivers maximum and enduring energy and replenishes lost electrolytes. It is made mainly with natural ingredients that are stable, rapidly absorbed and easy on the stomach, even during intense exercise and race effort.


Iso Fuel Sports Energy Drink:

uses a balanced matrix of maltodextrin, a low GI carbohydrate complex for lasting energy and fructose and dextrose, two high GI carbohydrates for fast energy. It uses real fruit flavours that are light and not too sweet.




  fit couple weight loss 



ISO FUEL has been race proven in nearly every major international competition over the last 15 years and has helped to win many world championships and Olympic medals.


Scientific dossier ISO FUEL.


EFSA opinion on carbohydrate-electrolytes and endurance performance:

The Panel concludes that a cause and effect relationship has been established between the consumption of carbohydrate-electrolyte solutions and maintenance of endurance performance.

The Panel considers that in order to bear the claim a carbohydrate-electrolyte solution should contain 80-350 kcal/L from carbohydrates, and at least 75 % of the energy should be derived from carbohydrates which induce a high glycaemic response, such as glucose, glucose polymers and sucrose. In addition, these beverages should contain between 20 mmol/L (460 mg/L) and 50 mmol/L (1,150 mg/L) of sodium, and have an osmolality between 200-330 mOsm/kg water. The target population is active individuals performing endurance exercise.