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Golf-Flex Joints Tendons Formula Joints & Tendons (Gold Premium Blend)
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Jointflex Repair Joints Tendons Formula Joints & Tendons. (Gold Premium Blend).
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Suffering with joint pain?


It's never too late to start taking Jointflex.

Jointflex was designed for athletes with damaged, stiff or painfull joints and tendons. It reduces the pain and inflamation and speeds up repair. It also protects the joints and tendons.


Healthy joints, bones and tendons are very important for every person and athlete. It is important that you have a diet or take supplements that help you keep your joints, bones and tendons in optimum health, or in case you are injured, help you recover from these injuries.


Goprotein™ have developed over the years Jointflex, a joint product that is high in protein, glucosamine and other nutrients that are important building stones for your joints, tendons and bones.


Glucosamine has an anti-inflamatory function in when joint damage occurs helps you to keep your joints in good shape.

Jointflex is also high in proteins. Protein has been proven to help you keep your bones healthy and joint's healthy and also help to grow the muscles and tendons that support your joints and keep them stable.

Jointflex is designed to help repair joint and tendon damage and to protect the joints. The main ingredients is Glucosamine, MSM , hydrolysed collagen and selected vitamins and minerals.


There are no large tablets to swallow or messy creams to worry about with Jointflex, it is simply a powder you mix with your favourite juice or water.