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Mass and Muscle

Premium Protein.

Muscle Power is our premium bodybuilding blend and is at the very top end of body building products. It is perfect if you want to put on extra weight and build lean muscle, power and strength. Muscle Power All-In-One is our top of the range muscle building formula. There is no other body building product out there that can come close to getting the ultimate results for you than this product.


Economy Mass Proteins.

Mega Go Mass Pro XL All-In-One Mass gaining formula is a value, science based formulation with high levels of proteins, quality carbohydrates with added Creatine, Leucine, Beta-Alanine, L-glutamine, HMB, vitamins and minerals needed to maximise muscle growth and gaining power.This is a serious Mass Gainer Bodybuilding Protein used to pack on weight, muscle-mass, and size.

Mega Go Anabolic is a science based mass gaining, lean muscle based protein formula with high levels of protein. Mega Go Anabolic bodybuilding protein is used to pack on bulk, lean muscle, mass and size. It was developed to build lean muscle tissue, greater strength and to perform longer.