When Should I take My Go Protein Shake?

Protein helps muscles repair and grow. It also prevents your body from eating muscles during intense exercise. But, when should you be taking your shake?

Convenience dictates a protein shake before a workout, your body can use the protein within an hour. That’s 4 times faster than if you ate solid food.

Post-exercise your shake will replenish your body faster and its much more convenient if you’re out, you can carry protein-rich chicken with you!

Confused? There is no better time from a health point of view. What’s important is getting the protein, you need to decide which option suits you better.

Drinking protein shake after training
drinking protein shake in gym after hard training

Should I Wear Compression Clothing?

You don’t need to, but there are several reasons why you might want to.

Compression clothing is a great way to outline your new physique. But, it can also aid the recovery process, both from a training workout and an injury.

In short, it increases blood flow to an area, improving nutrient flow, and keeping the area warm. This prevents inflammation and helps reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. It can also help to spread the load, reducing the stress on a poorly joint.

If you have an injury compression gear can help you to maintain your routine. It can also simply make you feel better about exercising because it’s snug and comforting. After all, if you feel you look the part, you’ll find your performance improves.

Compression clothing can help with this.

Should I Take Dextrose when training?

Glucose is the fuel that powers your muscles and major organs. You won’t find glucose in your local store, it’s in practically everything you eat. But, you can find dextrose, the pure form of glucose!

Dextrose is the simplest of sugars, it comes from corn syrup and is very easy to digest. It will give you a virtually instant burst of energy.

You should consider taking it when you’re training and running out of energy, whilst undertaking endurance training, and as part of a post-workout supplement. Dextrose spikes insulin which increases the absorption rate of your whey protein shake.

Of course, it is a sugar which means calories and carbs, you’ll have to factor these into your diet plan. But the benefits are real, you should take it in moderation to aid with the above scenarios.