Protein Powder Overnight Oats Recipe

Time to take your breakfasts to a whole new level. Here we share our favourite recipe for overnight oats with protein powder; for a delicious and protein packed start to your day!

Overnight Oats with Protein Powder


  • 1 scoop of Chocolate Hazelnut or Chocolate Mint Mega Go MaXpro Lean Protein powder
  • 400ml of water or 500ml of milk / almond milk
  • 1.5 cups of rolled oats
  • 2 tablespoons of agave or maple syrup
  • 1-2 tablespoons of chia seeds
  • A sprinkle of cinnamon or ground ginger if you fancy it
  • Red berries of your choice


  1. Mix together your protein powder and liquid – shake in one of our Goprotein shakers until completely mixed
  2. Put the remainder of your ingredients into a bowl and mix together with wet ingredients until combined
  3. Layer the oats and red berries into a mason jar or glass and place (covered) into the fridge overnight

Our favourite protein powder overnight oats

The chia seeds add a delightful texture to the mushy oats, and the red berries compliment the rich chocolate powder flavour.

Any of the Goprotein flavours would work in overnight oats. From Tropical Banana to Strawberry Delight – there is a flavour for you! You can even add natural yoghurt when you serve it, to add even more protein.

Our overnight oats with added protein powder will give you an excellent boost in the morning before a workout or busy day at work. And with all the flavour options from Goprotein you’ll never get bored.

Using Protein Powder As Part of a Balanced Diet

Whether you are building muscle or on a weight loss journey, it’s important to use protein powder as part of a balanced diet. A range of whole grains, vegetables, meat and other proteins are essential to ensure your body receives all the nutrients and minerals to keep you healthy.

The Nutritional Pyramid

The nutritional pyramid is a great resource to ensure you maintain a healthy range of food, in the right ratios.

  • With salad, vegetables and fruit at the base, these are the things you should eat the most of – 25%
  • Wholemeal cereals, breads, pasta and rice are the next level up, and make up a moderate amount of your diet – 25%
  • Milk, yoghurt, cheese – 15%; alongside lean meat, tofu, seeds, and fish – 15%, make up a small but important third tier of the pyramid
  • The top tier is for healthy fats – 10% max of your diet

Protein Powder as a supplement to your diet

If you are an athlete, body builder, or exercise a lot; it’s quite possible you will benefit from using protein powder as a supplement to your balanced diet.

Making a balanced meal in the morning before heading to the gym can be a bit hit or miss. Whereas a banana or overnight oats + a protein shake is just what your body needs before a workout or weight training session!

30-Minute Beginner’s Workout

It’s sometimes hard to know how to get back into working out again. Here are our recommendations for a 30-minute beginner’s workout to get you back into the training groove after some time away. We have also included some protein powder tips to help boost your muscles during training.

Start small

While it’s great to aspire to a long and intense training session, it’s best to start small. Set aside 30 minutes of workout time, and start with small sets of basic activities. If you can’t reach the 30 minute mark straight away, don’t worry – it is better to do a shorter workout than none at all.


It’s important to warm up and warm down, especially if you haven’t exercised in a while. Spend 5-10 minutes warming up, stretching your muscles and loosening any tired joints. Some effective stretches to include in your beginner’s workout are:

  • lunges
  • standing quad stretch
  • side stretch
  • plank
  • star jumps
  • yoga stretches


It’s important to include some cardio in your workout. Get your heart rate up, burn those calories, and feel the burn! Some great low impact cardio options are: walking, pilates, barre, or zumba. There are lots of short online workouts available, or take a class to dip your toes in.

If you have access to a gym, do a 15-minute fast walk / jog or cross-trainer blitz to speed your heart rate up. If you don’t have access to a gym, invest in a skipping rope or mini-trampoline for extra exercise opportunities.

Resistance bands

Work your muscles with some resistance bands, barbells or a kettle bell for 10 minutes. Be sure to watch tutorials or see a personal trainer to ensure you are working your muscles correctly. Avoiding injury during weight work will make getting back into working out a whole lot easier.

Finish with a warm down and stretch.

Protein Powder Tips

If you are building workouts into your regimen, you may consider drinking a whey protein drink before your exercise. As you build up your workouts to 1+ hours, and increase the intensity, your body will need energy food, and protein drinks offer that.

Good luck with your 30-minute workout, and enjoy getting your workout mojo back!

Body Building Boost

So, you’ve been bodybuilding for a while, but you’ve reached a plateau. It’s time to up your game and work hard on building muscle mass and bulking up. This is where our Mega Go Mass Pro XL Protein formulation comes in…

All-in-One Formula – Mass and Size Building

If you are trying to gain muscle mass and size, then combining the Mega Go Mass formula with your bodybuilding training is the way to go. Step up your intensity and push yourself harder with this blend of quality calories.

Great for Athletes

If you are an athlete serious about your training and recovery regimen, and want to ensure your body has everything it needs for your training plan, a boost from Mega Go Mass Pro XL is what you need.


Mega Go Mass Pro XL Protein Gainer has 3 main sources of protein – 26g from whey and milk*, 13g from soya, and 4g from oat powder.

*Per serving of 100g with 500ml milk

Add 4 heaped scoops (200g) to 800-1000ml skimmed milk or cold water (best in two shakers) and shake for approximately 5-10 seconds (or mix it in a blender) until fully dissolved. The servings are very big, so halve the recommended amount if needed.

3 Ways to Use Protein Powder in Meals

If boosting your protein intake is your goal, here are 5 easy ways to use protein powder in meals to increase your daily consumption.

Add flavoured whey protein to yoghurt

Most health conscious people have yoghurt in their fridge, and adding a flavoured protein powder is a great way to save money on yoghurt flavourings; but also add a boost of protein to start your morning.

Try our Strawberry Delight flavoured GoPro Whey Bodybuilding Protein to plain yoghurt for a delicious morning treat.

Fruit salad sprinkles

Did you know that you can sprinkle protein powder on fruit salad for a healthy breakfast or dessert option? You don’t want to use too much, as the texture can be off-putting. But a small sprinkle is a great case of ‘every little bit helps’.

Try our tutti frutti blend of Muscle Power All-in-One on your next fruit salad.


Pancakes are probably the easiest and most delicious way to include protein powder in your meals. With no detracting from the texture of the pancake, flavoured protein powders actually enhance any pancake recipe.

Try the Chocolate Cookies flavour Mega Go MaXpro Lean Protein powder in your next batch of pancakes – you won’t be sorry!

If you get really adventurous, you can even try using protein powder in salad dressings! Try these fun snazzy protein shake recipes for something different too.

Fruit salad - Photo by Adél Grőber on Unsplash

Cost Effective Protein Boost With Mega Go Protein

Looking for a cost effective protein powder? Our Mega Go Protein complex is a high protein boost in an economy blend. Without losing impact or quality, but built for those training hard and in need of large quantities!

Large Tubs

Available in 2kg and 4kg tubs, our Mega Go Protein is built for those needing big quantities at great prices. If you are training hard and want to keep your protein at an optimal level, it is best to take a serving around 1 hour before your training, followed by another immediately afterwards. Read more information on when you should use protein powder here.

Great Flavours

Available in great flavours: Chocolate Mint, Strawberry Delight, Tropical Banana, Velvet Vanilla, Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Hazelnut, and Jamaican Coconut; there is bound to be a flavour for everyone.

Economy with Quality

There’s no reason to skimp on quality when creating a cost effective economy blend of protein powder. With the Mega Go Protein formula, you get 28g of muscle building protein per serving and there are a huge 100 servings per 4kg tub.

This is a great daily protein blend, and with all the great flavours, you won’t get bored! See our Protein Powder shop for all the varieties.

strong woman is drinking sports nutrition

Meal Replacement to Aid Weight Loss

We have developed our Mego Go DietPro whey protein product for those looking to use it as a meal replacement to aid weight loss. Alongside a exercise regime, protein drinks help to boost your metabolism and get your weight back on track.

Partial Meal Replacement

Whey protein shakes are a great way to boost your body before a workout, a key part of weight loss. But also as partial meal replacements to cut down on snacks or food that isn’t helping your goals. Busy anyway? Our whey protein shakes are quick and easy in our shakers!

Delicious Flavours to Keep it Interesting

Dieting can be boring, but there is no reason to lose interest in your protein shakes. Our flavours include:

  • Chocolate Cookies
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Strawberry Delight
  • Velvet Vanilla
  • Tropical Banana
  • Chocolate Hazelnut

We have two formulas – one diet formula for men, and a weight loss formula for women – check out the shop for more details.

Young african american man drinking a water.

The Importance of Stretching Before a Workout

The importance of stretching before a workout cannot be overlooked. Stretching is basically preparing your body for a workout, and will help prevent injury.

Why is stretching important?

Stretching can help prevent muscle strain, and thus avoid injury. Stretching is also important for loosening your body up before putting it to work. Pre-workout stretches promote circulation and can reduce old injury pain as well.

Don’t forget that regular stretches are good for your posture too!

Keep your stretching routine regular and planned

Not all stretching is good. Haphazard stretching or incorrect stretching can actually hinder not help, so it’s important to learn good stretching techniques. Ask your trainer or gym staff for tips.

You want to work and develop your muscle groups during stretching time, so keep to a pattern of stretches that work each group. Develop the length and stretch of each exercise as you go, and don’t push yourself too fast.

Stretch post-workout too!

Cooling down and stretching post workout is important too. Don’t forget to stretch and shake out those muscles to stop seizing. This is a good time to have a protein shake too – while your body is still needing that muscle fuel!

Woman stretching - Photo by Chalo Garcia on Unsplash
Try our range of Whey Protein powders for your post-workout boost!

3 Amazing Protein Smoothie Recipes Using Whey Protein

Our Whey Protein Products are so versatile that they can be the base for super fun protein smoothies that will blow your mind. Try these recipes at home.

Tropical Fun with our Jamaican Coconut Whey Protein

Try adding a handful of frozen pineapple and mango, alongside avocado and a scoop of our Jamaican Coconut Whey Protein powder for a sumptuous taste of the tropics!

Green Energy Diet Shake

If you’re on a weightless regime, finding innovative ways to eat the best foods can be difficult. With our Diet Whey Slimming Protein and this delicious green energy shake, you get great nutrients, and a protein boost that tastes great. Add to water a handful of spinach, some chia seeds, half an avocado, and a scoop of our Velvet Vanilla protein in a blender to make a delicious meal replacement.

A Banana Chocolate Treat with Muscle Power All-in-One

Chocolate is one of our favourite Whey Powder flavours. Try adding a banana and some milk, and a handful of almonds into a blender with a scoop of our Muscle Power All-in-One whey protein powder. This delicious treat is like a drinkable dessert!

So many uses for our whey protein products!

Start Your Day with High Protein Porridge

Finding the time to protein-load can be hard, especially for those with busy schedules. While our range of protein powders can keep you fuelled on the go, sometimes you want something heartier. Try our High Protein Porridge – just add hot water for a delicious high protein breakfast!

Start your day the right way

With 25g of pure protein, our High Protein Porridge provides the perfect boost for those morning workouts.

With delicious flavours too (Maple Syrup or Strawberry Apple), you don’t have to skimp of taste and satisfaction

The importance of breakfast

Everyone knows that starting the day out with a good breakfast is a good idea. And especially when you add working out and weight training into the mix.

Try our range of Whey Protein powders – great flavours at a good price!

High Protein Porridge from GoProtein