New Years Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

New year can be fraught with pressure to make promises and new years resolutions you can’t keep. These just set you up for failure. Instead, why not try these simple changes that you can achieve in small easy steps!

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New Years Resolutions That Won’t Break Your Spirit

Add a little exercise, a little at a time

If you go from zero to wanting to hit the gym 7 days a week, you will likely disappoint yourself. They key is to start small and build up your exercise. Try these 3 ways to start exercising more and once you conquer these, then start adding a gym workout to the mix!

Baby Steps to a Better diet

Changing your diet on the 1st of January is a tempting resolution, but don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Having a balanced diet is important, but it may take time to transition. There’s usually a lot of meal planning involved, so make 1 positive nutritional / meal change each week until you feel comfortable with a bigger step!

Stretching is a gateway exercise

Stretching is incredibly beneficial to your body. From yoga to core strengthening and just simple warm-ups and downs – stretching is good on its own or as part of a bigger workout.

Starting a stretching regime is a great way to incorporate mild exercise and flexibility into your new years resolutions come January 1st!

Happy New Year from the GoProtein team.

Christmas Treats Using Protein Powder

Christmas can often mean a blow out on your diet and training. But with these delicious protein packed Christmas treats using protein powder, you can stay on track!

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Christmas Cookies

Power packed Christmas cookies are a fun way to have a treat, but also boost your protein intake for working out. Add your favourite flavour protein powder to the dry ingredients of your cookies for a power boost.

A top tip is to use no icing, or minimal icing to limit your sugar intake. You can also create a delicious icing alternative by just spreading peanut butter on top – peanut butter and chocolate cookies anyone? Yum!

Cinnamon & Banana Porridge or Overnight Oats

Nothing makes you think of Christmas like cinnamon! Add our banana flavoured protein powder and a dash of cinnamon to make your porridge or overnight oats truly festive!

Our maple syrup flavoured ready-porridge is pretty awesome too.

Chocolate Christmas Cravings

Craving chocolate, but not wanting to derail your training too much? If you’re maintaining your gym workouts over the holidays, but want a sweet treat; try our chocolate chip flapjacks or chocolate cookie flavoured GoLean protein powder.

3 Ways To Start Exercising More

Sometimes the hardest part about getting into an exercise regime is just starting. Once in a routine, it becomes easier. So, here are 3 ways to start exercising more, without too much effort or commitment needed.

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Easy ways to exercise more

Take the stairs

Do you work in an office building? If you regularly visit places with elevators, why not walk up the stairs instead? If you’re on an upper floor, start simple and get off 1 or 2 floors early. Soon you will be conquering many more floors with ease.

Walk, Jog or Cycle to work Once a week

The prospect of exercise as a standalone activity can be intimidating. But how about using it to get where you need to go occasionally? I don’t recommend committing yourself to more than once a week to begin with, but once you start, you will soon feel the benefits.

If your work is too far away, try getting off the bus a stop or two early to begin the process.

Exercise with Friends

Walking or hiking with friends on the weekend is a great way to build exercise into your life, without the pressure of doing it alone. You can have a coffee afterwards too – which is always a nice way to finish. Exercising with friends provides support, good company, and a guaranteed enjoyability factor!

Good luck with starting your exercise journey. For more reading and tips, see our articles on stretching, and beginner’s workouts!

What’s Your Favourite Protein Powder Flavour?

What’s your favourite protein powder flavour? Or haven’t you decided yet? When it comes to protein boosting, you have to have flavours that keep you happy and interested, or you can get flavour fatigue easily!

Luckily GoProtein has so many enticing flavours to choose from…

Protein Powder flavour in a Spoon - Photo by Indivar Kaushik on Unsplash

Protein Powder Flavour Highlights from GoProtein

Chocolate orange

Who doesn’t love a Terry’s Chocolate Orange? Reminiscent of these chocolatey treats, the chocolate orange whey protein is one of our favourites.


There’s something about banana milkshakes that transports you back to being a child. Easily one of our most popular fruit flavoured protein powders; it’s particularly good for adding to a smoothie in the morning!

Belgian chocolate

If you want to feel like you’re having a treat when having your protein boost, then the Belgian chocolate flavoured protein powder is the one for you!

Simple, strong and delicious, this one’s for those with a sweet tooth.

French vanilla

Want to keep it simple? Our vanilla flavours are plain without being boring. For those wanting to enjoy a simple and yummy flavour, without too much sweetness – vanilla is for you! It is also great for adding into overnight oats.

High Protein Snacks for Gym-Goers

If you’re on a busy schedule, it can be hard enough to fit in a gym session; let alone pack in a high protein snack. Here are some ideas for high protein snacks for gym-goers – enjoy!

Seeds and nuts - Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

Ideas for high protein snacks

Protein powder Shake

Whipping up a protein powder shake is really one of the easiest and quickest ways to give yourself a boost before a gym session. You can use one of our handy shakers to mix your chosen protein, and drink it on the go.

Protein filled flapjacks

Have you heard we also do delicious protein-packed treats? Our flapjacks are easy to eat on the go, and are great for those with a sweet tooth.

You can also bake with protein powder, making pancakes or cookies with a protein boost, and ration these for pre / post gym snacks.

Nuts and seeds

Don’t grab for high fat crisps or chocolate, grab a handful of almonds or sunflower seeds and use this as a quick snack. Especially if your body is craving fuel – you need to feed it optimal food and not a quick snack that doesn’t give you the nutrition you need for your workouts.

Slim down or Bulk Up – How Whey Protein Can Help

Whether you are looking to slim down or bulk up, whey protein can help. You can use it as a meal replacement to reduce your calories; or as a protein boost when you want to gain muscle mass.

Slim down with whey protein

You can use whey protein as a satisfying meal replacement when you are trying to cut those calories but not lose nutrition. Our Mega Go Dietpro is high in protein, and has low-GI carbs, food fibre, healthy fatty acids, and vitamins and minerals.

The delicious flavours available means that you can keep your meal replacements interesting and not get bored. To find our how whey protein can help you slim down, contact us or browse our product descriptions.

Bulk up with whey protein

It’s sometimes hard to eat the volume of protein you need to support a heavy training regime. You can use any of our whey protein products as a booster for your workouts – and as a protein snack.

If you are committed to bodybuilding, then our Muscle Power All-In-One whey protein can help.

Easy Meal Planning Tips with GoProtein

The key to keeping to a balanced diet is meal planning. And when you are interested in training and bodybuilding, it’s even more important that you plan your meals, so that you can stay on track with your muscle mass building!

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Meal Planning Tips

Plan your timings

Your body will learn your eating routine, so it’s important to eat at a similar time each day. So as to avoid getting hungry at inconvenient times and snacking on junk. Eat small meals at regular intervals to maximise your energy and avoid filling up unnecessarily.

Prepare ahead

Preparation is key to successful and healthy meal planning. Pick our your recipes for the week and prepare as much as possible in advance. If you take a packed lunch, you can usually prepare these in advance.

Items such as chicken and lentil salads can be prepared in advance, and you can just add them to salad leaves and leftover steamed vegetables from the night before. It makes a healthy and satisfying lunch.

Change up the menu items so you don’t get bored

There’s nothing worse than flavour fatigue after a few days of the same food. And when you’re training or bodybuilding, you need to eat a lot of volume to give you body what it needs to train.

Try changing out the lean protein each day for some variety. Choose herbs and spices that jazz up your meals. Paprika chicken one day, pesto salmon the next, garlic soy beef the next and so-on.

Add a protein powder shake for supplemental boost

Getting enough quality calories can be hard, so supplement your balanced diet with protein shakes. They are easy to make and come in lots of flavours, so you will never get bored.

Take a look around our shop for inspiration and start planning your meals today!

How to Gain Muscle Mass with Protein Powder

If you are trying to gain muscle mass with protein powder, our Mega Go Mass Pro XL formula is for you. Whether you are just trying to gain some weight for health reasons, or you are on a mass-building weightlifting journey, our products are here to support you.

The way to gain muscle mass instead of fat is to ensure you balance your caloric intake with working out. Adding protein as a part of a balanced diet, and helping your body gain mass with protein powder booster shakes before workouts can help.

Gaining Weight Tips

Eat small regularly

Eating lots of food can stretch the stomach and make you constantly hungry. So the key is to eat a lot of small, well balanced, high protein meals throughout the day.

A hearty breakfast of eggs, avocado, salmon or a frittata with spinach will set you up well. Have a protein shake straight after your morning work-out; and a protein packed flapjack as a snack. Grab a salad for lunch, with roasted veggies, pulses, nuts, and a lean protein of your choice. If you’re doing a workout after work, have a Mega Go Mass Pro shake beforehand. And for dinner, pack it full of fresh vegetables and fruit, as these are great for giving your body the minerals it needs.

Keep Carbohydrates for after your exercise + Make it Wholegrain

Avoid refined carbohydrates, and try to stick to wholegrain versions. To maximise the burning of those carbs, eat them straight after a work out; and your body will make short work of those calories!

Fun Ways to Use Protein Powder

Looking for ways to sneak whey protein powder into your food to get that boost you need for your next workout? Here are some fun ways to use protein powder throughout the day:

Some fun ways to use protein powder:

Use Flavoured protein powders in your coffee as a creamer

If you’ve ever been to the United States, you’ll be familiar with their use of ‘creamer’ – a liquid or powdered milk substitute, which is often flavoured for fun. Did you know you can use flavoured protein powders in the same way?

This simple and effective way to add protein powder into your diet, also leads to some delicious results! Our favourite? Adding the chocolate hazelnut or french vanilla flavoured Muscle Power All-in-One powder to our morning coffee. This tip is especially useful if you tend to skip breakfast!

A photo of someone adding milk to coffee - Photo by CURVD® Team on Unsplash

Chocolate protein cookies

If you have a sweet tooth, then this tip is for you. Add 2 servings of Belgian Chocolate Bodybuilding Protein, or the Chocolate Orange Diet Whey Slimming Protein to the dry ingredients in your cookie recipes to boost your protein intake in the most delicious way!

Chia is Champion!

Have you tried chia seeds yet? They are a great addition to salads and offer a good natural protein boost. You can also make a chia pudding in the fridge overnight (a bit like overnight oats) and add your favourite flavour of protein powder to supercharge your breakfast!

We love the tutti frutti flavour Muscle Power All-in-One protein powder in our chia pudding – YUM!

Low Calorie Protein Powder for Slimmers

Protein powder usage isn’t always about building up, sometimes it’s about slimming down. Meal replacement shakes can, in conjunction with workouts, help to reduce your caloric intake and help you lose weight.

As a meal replacement

Slimming down isn’t about depriving yourself of all the nice foods out there. It’s about reducing your calories – and meal replacement can be one way to do that. Many slimmer find that substituting one meal per day with a protein shake is a good way to stay satiated, but to reduce overall calories consumed per day.

As a protein boost before exercise

If you’re trying to reduce calories, eating a big protein-filled breakfast before or after a workout may not work for you. And since our Diet Whey Slimming Shakes are packed full of protein, but without the calorie and sugar content – this could be just the boost you need.

Flavours that make it a treat

Our slimming shakes come in some awesome flavours too, so it doesn’t have to be boring or feel like a chore. Our customers rave about our Chocolate Orange flavour – it’s like a jaffa cake in a shake!

Our low calorie protein powder is only 98 calories per serving, of which only 0.8g is sugar. And comes in these amazing flavours: Chocolate Orange, Belgian Chocolate, Strawberry Delight, Velvet Vanilla, and Chocolate Hazelnut.